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Joanne Higginbottom

Los Angeles Based Music Composer & Producer

Joanne Higginbottom is a Welsh music producer and composer for TV, film and video games based in Los Angeles. She is most known for her score for Emmy Award winning  Genndy Tartakovsky’s PRIMAL   — a violent yet heartbreaking animated series with no dialogue. She previously worked with Tartakovsky on his hit show  Samurai Jack   and is the composer of his new steampunk fantasy series  Unicorn: Warriors Eternal. 

Joanne works closely with Tyler Bates and produced the scores for  Day Shift   &  The Spy Who Dumped Me  — recorded at Abbey Road. She also boasts a long list of additional music credits including  John Wick I, II III & IV,  Deadpool 2, The Punisher, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Fast  & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, The Exorcist, Atomic  Blonde  &  Criminal Minds. 

Outside of film and television Joanne has worked on a number of high-caliber titles in the video game industry. She has also co-scored the California Adventure Theme Park attraction  Monsters After Dark   which plays during Halloween on the  Guardian’s Of The Galaxy: Mission  Breakout  rollercoaster.

Joanne’s unique musical voice is one of experimental electronics blended with classical instrumentation. Paired with her unbridled dedication, this has dubbed her ‘one to watch’ in the industry as well as being an advocate for women in film.

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Blog 29 Jul 2023

Joanne Rocks Comic-Con with Live Orchestra at Adult Swim Festival

A huge crowd at Comic-Con experienced a live orchestra performing music by Joanne Higginbottom from Genndy Tartakovsky’s PRIMAL, Samurai Jack and Unicorn: Warriors Eternal.

As part of the Adult Swim Festival, Joanne was featured playing drums and percussion alongside Tyler Bates in the Genndy Tartakovsky Musical Experience — with an introduction by acclaimed creator Genndy Tartakovsky himself.


Blog 21 Jun 2023

'Unicorn: Warriors Eternal' Now Streaming on MAX & Adult Swim

Unicorn: Warriors Eternal  features striking fantasy animation from Genndy Tartakovsky underscored with epic musical themes by Joanne Higginbottom — as we follow a group of heroes who are reborn throughout time and awaken as teenagers in 1890s steampunk London.

Set amongst the backdrop of an evil force looming across the smoggy streets of London, the first episode includes a powerful scene that introduces us to Melinda's grand theme. Joanne took particular care scoring this scene to complement the profound inner power-struggle that follows Melinda throughout the series; this is the first of many times the melody will be reprised through Melinda's story arc in Season One.


Blog 13 Jun 2023

'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Renewed for Season 2

Good news! Paramount+  has renewed Criminal Minds: Evolution  for another season.

Here's one of Joanne's favorite scenes she scored from Season 1. This musical cue is jam-packed with action, shock, and emotion — it's an opportunity for the score to shine as Bridget realizes her husband is the serial killer the FBI have been searching for. This moment had been highly anticipated through the entire season and doesn't disappoint.


Blog JH Feature

Joanne Higginbottom Welcomes OUTPUT Into Her Studio

Joanne Higginbottom welcomed OUTPUT Magazine into her studio, giving them a rare glimpse into her journey composing for Season 5 of Samurai Jack.


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